Deer Scram Deer Repellent Review

A Product With Good User Feedback

With regular application of organic Deer Scram deer repellent, you’ll once again enjoy sitting among your attractive flowers, gathering your delicious fruits and vegetables, and strolling among the cooling shade of spreading trees… according to the manufacturer’s website.

  • Application Type: granular
  • Deer Control Method: by fear
  • Active Ingredients: blood meal, garlic, hot pepper, cloves
  • Rain Resistant: 30-45 days. Does not wash away
  • Chemical Makeup: All natural, environmentally safe, biodegradable and non-toxic
  • EPA Registered: exempt
  • Plant Safety: Safe for ornamental plants. Can be used around vegetable gardens.
  • Professional Endorsement: none


Where To Buy:
Available on many websites, including Amazon. Buy Deer Scam Now

Cannot be shipped to: CA

Total Cost & Coverage per Unit:

Ready To Use Shaker:

2.5 lbs. – covers 1600 sq ft. @ $18.44      (32′ x 50′ area)

Bulk Quantity:

6 lb. bucket – 5400 sq ft. @ $31.97      (54′ x 100′ area)

25 lb. pail – 32,400 sq ft. @$97.49      (150′ x 216′ area)

Application Instruction:

Just sprinkle the granular deer repellent according to schedule and you are done. No mess and no stench.

For larger beds or gardens, apply a 20″-24″ wide strip at 18 inches outside the plot. Also lay down 16″ wide strips inside the planted area that are spaced about 30 feet apart. All inside areas of the planting bed or garden should have a barrier strip no more than15′ away.

Actual User Comments:

“I LOVE Deer Scram. However, I don’t put it down as instructed ’cause I think that’s wasteful. I sprinkle over the plants from which I want the deer to stay away … On shrubs, I use Deer Stopper on anything tall – up to 4 or 5 feet. That, too, seems to work for several weeks …”

Deer Scam works to keep the deer away, needs to be reapplied about every 4 weeks. Does not have an offensive odor. If you want to keep your flowers from being a buffet for the deer, I really recommend this product.” —

“I’ve been using Deerscram for a couple months and continue to use it through winter. Have had no more deer problems …”

“We have found Deer Scram (granular) to be quite effective with use of Deer Out occasionally – once/week or maybe every ten days …”

“I like the “scatter once and don’t curse yourself out if it rains that afternoon” approach of deer scram. i couldn’t help thinking though, that maybe the $3 boxes of dried blood i got from walmart last year for my compost pile might work just as well and cost a whole lot less …”

Refund Policy:

100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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