Best Deer Repellent Review


There are about 50 different deer repellent products on the market today. And they all claim to be the best solution to your deer damage issues, but most of them are a huge disappointment to frustrated homeowners. Part of these complaints are from not following the label directions or being too frugal, but a larger share of the bad user feedback out there is warranted. Making matters worse for you are the high number of fake and paid-for reviews on the internet, even when it’s a “verified buyer”. So, you must keep this calculated marketing maneuver in mind as your weigh your deer control options.

This Is What Works Best…

  • Application Type: foliar spray
  • Deer Control Method: taste and smell
  • Active Ingredients: putrescent eggs, sulfur, essential oils
  • Rain Resistance: totally – even through heavy rain
  • Chemical Makeup: not necessary – natural ingredients work great
  • EPA Approval: exempt
  • Effects On Plants: non-staining, safe on all ornamental plants
  • Safe For Edibles: no (see below)


With the exception of blood, which is far less effective than eggs, all active deer repellent ingredients, effective sticker agents, and even most inactive ingredients – will alter the taste of your fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The problem with blood is that it washes right off without a sticker like latex or oils.

The most effective vegetable garden deer proofing is a fence. Unless you like applying a dried blood solution almost every day, and even if you enjoy this task – blood is a fertilizer. Too much of it will cause a nutrient imbalance in your garden.

Most Effective Application:

Everyone enjoys being able to accomplish things the easiest way possible. Today’s busy person always seeks out the most convenient way to do anything, and will gravitate to the one that will be the least amount of hassle. Unfortunately, when it comes to how you put deer repellent in your yard, the fast and easy way will also have the least effectiveness. Sometimes it’s also the most unattractive, like hanging sachets. Little white sacks hanging from the bushes, tree branches, and stakes every 4 feet looks tacky – and they don’t work 9 times out of 10.

Cost is always a concern with every homeowner. But as with anything else, the quality that goes into making a deer repellent product will affect your results. This is not to say that the most expensive repellent is the one you should use. An effective product will cost you less to work with in the long run, a lot less than replacing damaged plants. Just remember that cheap stuff is much lower priced for a reason, and quality isn’t ever one of them. Getting a good buy on an effective deer repellent will always save the most money.

Perimeter barrier deer repellent products are highly ineffective. To work they must stink to high heavens, which repels people more than it does hungry deer. Even you, if you’re famished, will put up with some minor discomfort to stop that gnawing feeling in your stomach. A predator’s scent doesn’t stop hungry deer WHERE they know the predator exists – they will test the safety factor. In a heavily populated urban and suburban area, most deer have no idea what a coyote is, let alone that they should be afraid of it. The two have ceased to occupy the same area decades ago in most places. Herd knowledge, like human history, cannot be passed down through generations if no one is reminded of it. Again, the most effective perimeter barrier is a fence.

It’s not like the deer are going to stop trying to feast in your yard, so avoiding this investment is silly. It’s something you will have much future use for. A small pump sprayer is best, and get a quality brand. This will be easiest to work with, and a reliable yard tool. Trigger sprayers make your hand hurt, even when you don’t have tons of plants to protect. End of hose applicators will be harder to control, dragging the hose around with you is a hassle, and they make it pretty impossible to get the underside of leaves without bathing in your deer repellent. Part of the way to keep your deer repellent costs affordable is not wasting it while maintaining good coverage. For protecting your grass or large areas of ground cover, an end of the hose setup is your best choice of applicator, BUT protecting the lawn this way is a very costly constant chore… you will just cut it off with the mower!

Effective deer repellents do not have to gag you. Animals have a much more sensitive sense of smell than humans. A deer can smell your plants up to a mile away! They can pick up a delicious aroma out of all the other smells around them. And truth be known, the more pleasant smelling deer repellent can also be the one that works best.

Best Deer Repellents To Try:

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