I Must Garden – All Season Deer Repellent Review

I Must Garden – All Season Deer Repellent Review

Money Back Guarantee

Spray with I Must Garden All Season and have your yard protected and smelling like potpourri.

  • Application Type: foliar spray
  • Deer Control Method: by smell and taste
  • Active Ingredients: fragrant spice oils and other ingredients. No stench formula is pleasant smelling
  • Rain Resistance: up to 100 days on existing foliage in dry weather conditions
  • Chemical Makeup: All Natural: environmentally safe, biodegradable and non-toxic
  • EPA Registered: EPA exempt
  • Plant Safety: Will not burn foliage, stain or discolor your plants. Safe for ornamentals and vegetable plants
  • Professional Endorsement: none



Where To Buy:

You can purchase this deer repellent brand from a number of online home and hardware merchants as well as from the manufacturer’s website.



Total Cost & Coverage per Unit:

Ready To Use (RTU):

32 fl oz pump – covers 1000 sq ft @ $12.99      (20′ x 50′ area)

48 fl oz pressure – covers 1500 sq ft @ $24.99      (30′ x 50′ area)

1 gal. RTU – covers 4000 sq ft @ $24.99      (50′ x 80′ area)


32 fl oz – covers 10,000 sq ft @ $36.99      (100′ x 100′ area)

1 gal. – covers 40,000 sq ft @ $124.99      (100′ x 400′ area)



Application Instruction:

Foliage must be dry at time of application. Allow 1 hour drying time before rainfall or irrigation. Heavy rain may make reapplication necessary. If your yard has heavy deer pressure, it may be necessary to reapply more often than recommended over the growing season. This formulation works well in winter. Winter applications should be fine at 100 day intervals.

Shake well and mix according to label direction with water. Spray leaves and stems of plants to be protected from all sides to the point of run off.

** Every 2 inches of new plant growth does require further spray applications to protect young foliage from deer browsing. Most people reapply to young foliage every 2 weeks during the active growing season.



Actual User Comments:

“I Must Garden Deer repellent works well…I can’t stand foul smelling deer sprays. During the active growing season I spray every other week. Once things aren’t putting out new growth I cut back to once/month …” GardenWeb.com

“There are some mint-based sprays that are not as stinky as the rotten egg/garlic sprays. One brand is called “I Must Garden…” GardenWeb.com



Refund Policy:

If purchased from I Must Garden and unsatisfied with results, contact the company. If still unsatisfied after discussion, they will either replace the product or refund your money. If purchased from another retailer, consult their return policy first. If this leads to no refund results, you may request your money back from I Must Garden when accompanied by your receipt.


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