Best Deer Repellent Review

Best Deer Repellent Review

An Organic Deer Repellent

This product is manufactured by Best Deer Repellent, LLC in Monroe, Georgia. No manufacturer’s website available.

  • Application Type: foliar spray
  • Deer Control Method: fear
  • Active Ingredients: 100% dried blood from animals prepared for food. Cow, pig and chicken by-products from untraceable sources.
  • Rain Resistance: only light rain resistant.
  • Chemical Makeup: all natural, environmentally safe, biodegradable and non-toxic to animals.
  • EPA Approval: exempt
  • Effects On Plants: Thought to be non-burning on most plants.
  • Safe for ornamental plants only.
  • Professional Endorsement: none


Where To Buy:

You will find this Best brand of deer damage control available only from Maine Supply Co. and a listing link on MSN Shopping.




Total Cost & Coverage per Unit:


4 fl oz makes 1 qt. repellent @ $7.95

16 fl oz makes 1 gal. repellent @ $24.95

No information on dilution rate or coverage of product application is given. No length of time that the product is effective is provided. Not rain-proof or rain-fast, withstands a ‘light rain’, but must be reapplied after every substantial rainfall and most likely automatic sprinkler run.



Application Instruction:

You must apply it as often as the weather and growing conditions require. First test the fitness of the product to determine if it is suitable for your purposes. Then use accordingly.

Spray on stems and leaves or ornamental plants. You should begin your deer control spraying program early in the spring before they start browsing in your yard for best results. Reapply every few weeks in warm weather. Always reapply after heavy rainfall.

** Stains wood, concrete, building materials and clothing. Not safe for food crops. Use club soda as a fabric stain remover.



Actual User Comments:

None found anywhere on the Internet.



Refund Policy:

100% guarantee when used as directed. 30-day refund policy only granted if you mail your receipt and written statement or why you aren’t happy with the product.


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