• Hinder


  • Bobbex


  • Liquid Fence

    Liquid Fence

  • Deer Stopper

    Deer Stopper

  • Deer Scram

    Deer Scram

  • Deer Guard

    Deer Guard

  • Plantskydd


  • Deer Away

    Deer Away

  • Milorganite


  • Predator Pee

    Predator Pee

  • Tree Guard

    Tree Guard

  • Deer Off

    Deer Off

  • Deer No No

    Deer No No

  • Deer Away BGR

    Deer Away BGR

  • Best


Looking for the truth about deer repellents?

Get the scoop here at Out Out Deer.

Editor’s Pick

Complete Deer Repellent Buying Guide

We know you want to save you time and money.

Don’t buy a deer deterrent product based on label claims or advertising limericks. Be an informed consumer. All commercial deer repellents on the market are covered here. These deer repellent product reviews feature:

  • Actual User Feedback
  • Application Information
  • Duration of effectiveness
  • Area of coverage
  • Cost of use

Gain control. Stop deer damage to yard and garden plants the most effective and economical way possible.

Deer proofing your yard is frustrating.

At Out Out Deer, we completely understand your dilemma. Plants are our specialty. With backgrounds in gardening, professional landscaping, and the nursery growing industry – we know how valuable your curb appeal investment is. We saw the need for a simplified and honest way to research deer repellent products. They don’t all work. Some are so expensive to use, it might be cheaper to buy new plants. Unfortunately, that isn’t the way to have a mature landscape, beautiful flowers, or abundant fresh fruits and vegetables.

All labels guarantee they work great.

OOD exists to simplify your life. You will benefit from hundreds of hours of time devoted to researching deer repellents. We have collected and compiled all this information just for you. This site serves as the most complete reference on deer deterrents online. Our goal is to make it easier to select the right product to protect your flower garden, landscaping, and vegetable garden from those pesky deer.

We hope our work is of assistance to you.

Tips On Cutting Deer Control Costs

We all have special plants, shrub,s and trees that deer simply can’t resist.  Your landscape and garden is an exotic gourmet meal. Wise plant selection can greatly reduce many homeowner’s need to apply deer repellents. Using more deer resistant plants in your landscaping and garden than those so famous as being ‘deer candy’ makes sense. You’ll need to spray less smelly stuff in your yard.  More Info